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Pastor's Column

A look at CHRISTIAN Counseling 

   A frequently asked question is “just exactly what does Christian” counseling look like?” While there are some similarities to secular counseling (such as a confidential meeting with a professional, licensed, certified counselor either alone, or with a spouse or other family member, or with an entire family), there are certainly also some differences. These differences are what makes counseling  Christian”.

   Christian” counseling brings the presence and power of our Lord Jesus Christ into the mix of the conflicts which leads a person to counseling. The counselor is a Christian” who firmly believes in Jesus’ redeeming grace and love, and who trusts in God’s faithfulness to His promises. This faith leads a counselor to act on God’s promises.  

  For example: God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that ... “ Word ... will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” Only God is able to see into and reach into a heart and bring about the change in that heart that is needed to bring about healing and hope. And God uses His Word as the instrument through which He gains access to the heart of man. Therefore the Word of God becomes a vital and powerful tool in the hands of a Christian counselor. God also promises in Isaiah 65:24 that Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” Think about this promise. God is promising to have an answer to our problem “on the way” even before we are done praying. With these, and many more promises of God, we approach Christian” counseling with trust in God and His faithfulness to His promises. Christian” counselors make use of these Christian resources of the Word of God and Prayer because there is power in them, because God gives them to us to use and encourages us to use them as a means of accomplishing so much more in life than we could accomplish without them. 

 Because of the power found within God’s Word and prayer, the Christian counseling at CrossRoads also employs the use of Prayer Partners for every client so that the power of prayer is being utilized on a daily basis for each CrossRoads’ client. Many miraculous changes have taken place in the lives of CrossRoads’ clients which can only be attributed to prayer. We thank and praise God for His faithfulness in answering those prayers so powerfully. 

  Finally, Christian counseling realizes the importance of the Christian community (the church - or the body of Christ) in helping a CrossRoads’ client through their conflict. Christians are called by God the Holy Spirit into the holy Christian Church, and it is there that we find the support, encouragement, accountability, Christian car and concern that will enable each of us to find the strength and help to face the challenges in life successfully. Every member of the Church is to be a little Christ to the other members of the body of Christ. Because of the vital role the Church plays in the success of counseling, we look for ways to connect or to re-connect a client with his or her church or with a Christian church in their area if they do not have one. This is a brief answer to “what does Christian’ counseling look like?” ..... at CrossRoads.



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