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Vol. 112 No. 02 In our 112th year!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


FIVE-YEAR-OLD Evelyn Bouvy crawls under ropes and through the mud on the "Little Mudder" course set up in Heritage Park. The Little Mudder course was sponsored by Diversified Fitness Club and McDonald's of Frankenmuth.    (Photo courtesy of Judy Hartwig)

Frankenmudder draws 507 persons

All proceeds benefit Michigan's Military & Space Heroes Museum

  Last Saturday morning’s weather was perfect to get sweaty and muddy.
  A total of 507 persons did just that, participating in the fourth annual Frankenmudder, a 5K, 18-obstacle course, with 100-percent of the proceeds benefiting Michigan’s Military & Space Heroes Museum.
  “Our 507 number is a little more than last year but did not exceed our best year in 2014,” Mudder Chairman Kyle Bierlein said. “Our system is set up to get 600 through our four-hour time frame and we𠆝 love to get back to that.”
  The Mudder goal was to raise $40,000. Approximately $25,000 was allocated in sponsorship and about $21,000 was runner income.
  “We will be close to our goal when all the expenses are paid,” Bierlein said, listing rental, t-shirt and building obstacles as some of the expenses.
  Jeff Titsworth and Jason Hultberg with Frankenmuth Industrial had a hand in on a majority of the obstacles.
  “Jeff is the hero of the day. The two of them built the mud obstacles, the ones in the river and others.  The Warped Wall built by Jeff was his pride and joy,” Bierlein pointed out.
  The Warped Wall was inspired by the television show American Ninja Warrior.
  The participants went out in 10-minute waves following a brief visit inside the museum. Drill Sergeant Eric Baarck gave them opening instructions and then sent them on their way as they began their journey at the museum and ended in Heritage Park’s Harvey Kern Community Pavilion. 
  While inside the museum, participants were greeted by a surprise guest, Donald 𠇍igger” O�ll, a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel who was shot down on his 17th mission in Vietnam in October 1967.  O�ll was born and raised in Pontiac but now calls Mt. Clemens his home.
  “The cool part of the whole day was having him here to greet the people before the Mudder,” Bierlein said.
  Participants were given the option to opt out of any obstacle, however, nearly every person at least tried to tackle each and every one of them. Most involved mud, some required time in the Cass River and one of the favorites on a warm morning was the Wasserschlitz behind the Bavarian Inn Lodge. This obstacle was one giant slip and slide as participants climbed the hill and slid on a water-drenched tarp.
  “We heard many comments that the course was more challenging than in year’s past, yet we still kept it with families in mind. This was the first year kids age 18 and under were allowed to participate if they had a signed waiver from their parents,” Bierlein pointed out.
  More than 100 volunteers worked the Mudder, whether along the course, in the pavilion, with registration or building obstacles. The Frankenmuth High School football players also helped on the course. The day before the event, they took on the course and at the end of the Mudder, they tackled it again.
  Bierlein also wishes to thank the Swan Valley High School pom pom and cheer teams, who made the trip to assist with the Mudder for the first time. 
  Thanks to the great support, clean up was smooth and ended by 7pm.
  The 2018 Frankenmudder will be held on Saturday, July 21, 8am until noon.
  “We had great weather and I want to thank everyone who participated and volunteered in making this a great event,” Bierlein concluded.  



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