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Frankenmuth News

In our 110th year  ~  Vol. 110 No. 14

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FRANKENMUTH JAYCEE TO LEAD STATE: Frankenmuth’s Steve Pickelmann, far right, is sworn in as the 92nd president of the Michigan Jaycees. At the far left, Matthew Sernau, the 91st president, uses the Bible from the very first Jaycee state president during the ceremony. Steve’s parents, Patricia and Gary Pickelmann, were on hand for the swearing in ceremony. Please see the story above.

Steve Pickelmann chosen 92nd Michigan JC President

  The Frankenmuth Jaycees have one of the more vibrant, active and progressive chapters in the state of Michigan.
  Because of its local leadership, a long-time chapter member was recently chosen to become the Michigan State Jaycee president for 2016.
  Steve Pickelmann was elected the 92nd president of the state chapter during the Michigan Jaycees Fall Leadership Conference, held last weekend at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre in Grand Blanc.
  The annual conference affords opportunities for Jaycees to have networking, fellowship, training and recognitions. The conference also conducts elections for the state board of directors for 2016.
  Pickelmann is the second Frankenmuth Jaycee to ascend to the state presidency. Gary Rupprecht, who has been mayor of Frankenmuth since 1985, was chosen the 52nd state president and served in 1975-76.
  Dennis Keith, a Frankenmuth resident but a member of the Bridgeport Jaycees, was the 61st president in 1984-85.
  “I’m excited to follow in the footsteps of the Legacy of Leadership that our state has had,” Pickelmann said. “We are very fortunate with the great leaders we have had, who have set up a foundation with which we can continue to grow and achieve success.”
  Pickelmann was joined by his parents, Gary and Patricia, as he was sworn in as president Saturday evening by the 91st state president, Matthew Sernau of Grand Rapids. His term begins on January 1, 2016.
  Steve first joined the Jaycees in January 2008 and was the 50th Frankenmuth chapter president in 2011. 
  Pickelmann was part of a contested race for the presidency. He delivered two speeches over the weekend, which helped him gain the position. Pickelmann’s theme of “Ignite Your Passion” aims to connect with the individual member to help them grow as members within the organization as well as to help grow and strengthen relationships within the organization and with other community organizations.
  “It is an awesome, humbling experience to have the membership, my peers, elect me to such a prestigious position. I look forward to working with the elected leaders of each chapter across the state to provide them with the support and resources to make them successful within their respective communities,” Pickelmann added.
  Pickelmann was the 2015 Michigan Jaycees membership director and has been the Ein Prosit Open chairman since 2009. The golf outing is a  Frankenmuth Jaycee fundraiser for the Frankenmuth Sister City Program.
  It was a weekend that saw the Frankenmuth Jaycees bring home some big recognition on the chapter and individual levels. 
  Tanya Quackenbush, the current communications & technology director at the state level, received the Presidential Medallion.
  “The state president has the opportunity to give out up to 50 of these medallions throughout his or her year to members who have done extraordinary things to further the cause of the Jaycees’ movement,” Pickelmann explained. 
  Tricia Way-Uphold, JCI Senator No. 73393, received the Tony Karasiewicz Return the Favor Award from the Michigan JCI Senate. This recognition is given to a senator for his or her tireless efforts and service to the local chapter. A senator is a lifetime member, which is the highest honor given by the Jaycees.
  “Tricia continues to give back by helping mentor the local members and by helping out at all the local chapter projects,” Pickelmann said.
  On the chapter level, Frankenmuth took home some hardware.
  In the category of “Sustaining Project,” the chapter won best project for the World Expo of Beer. A project must be run successfully for a few years to win this award. The chapter submitted a written document and verbally explained the impact of the project at the conference. WEB Co-Chair Danielle Daugharty presented the project to a panel of judges and based on her performance, took home the award.
  Frankenmuth also earned the ��hapter of the Trimester Award.” This is given to a chapter that is the most well-rounded in all areas.
  In the membership area, the chapter had 100-percent retention of their membership for the second trimester. Frankenmuth also grew by 10 members as it continues to be the largest chapter in the state, with 106 members
  The local chapter also rated tops in the management and individual development areas. Daniel Popham, in the individual development area, received degrees 1-5. This is a member activation program, in which they can gain from Degree 1 up to 10 for doing various different tasks to develop themselves both personally and professionally.
  For more information on the Frankenmuth Jaycees, contact Membership Vice-President Brent Weiss at his email address, or Frankenmuth Jaycees President Christy Kuczynski at her mail address,

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