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  New weight room equipment an overall community effort

When it comes to helping our kids, Frankenmuth is always ready to do the heavy lifting.
So when word went out last year that Frankenmuth High School needed to replace its aging weight room equipment, the whole town pitched in to  help.
  “The Frankenmuth Community Foundation’s board decided to donate $10,000 to the project because it’s an important addition to the high school athletic program. The new weight room not only serves our athletes, but is available to all high school students,” said Stephen C. List, executive director of the Frankenmuth Community Foundation.
  A ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned for XXX Friday, Oct. 28 to allow the community to get a look at the renovated facility – and to thank the many individuals, companies and organizations that helped make it a reality.
  Athletic Director Kevin Schwedler said when the new weight room idea first emerged last November, he imagined it might take several years to raise the $81,000 for the project.
𠇋ut then the great people of this community really stepped up to the plate and now we have this beautiful weight room less than a year later,” Schwedler said.
  The quick success of the weight room project is a testament to the community as a whole, said Tina Breinager, president of the Frankenmuth Athletic Association (FAA). 
  More than half the money was raised in April at the inaugural Stand Up for Eagles auction organized by the FAA.
  “The FAA did a great job in helping to funnel the support. This wouldn’t have happened without the auction committee and all the sponsors who put this event together in only six months,” Breinager said.
  The second annual Stand Up for Eagles is already scheduled for April 7, 2017, at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.
  FAA Vice President Stephanie Khan said the weight room project was an opportunity for the FAA to positively impact all student-athletes. 
  “The new weight room is an investment in the safety of our student-athletes while they are training in the off-season and helping to prevent injury during the season,” Khan said.
  Jerry Drake, FHS physical education and health teacher, said the new equipment includes eight, four-person weight-lifting racks from Rogers Athletics in Farewell. New dumbbells, dumbbell rack, two new squat machines, two hip press machines, and two neck machines were also purchased.
  “The new weight room is looking like a small college weight room. I hope it will inspire more kids to want to use the weight room and help give our athletes an advantage on the playing fields,” Drake said. 
  Kyle Bierlein, assistant football coach for the Eagles, said the top reason the weight room is so important is injury   prevention. 
  “We needed this equipment to help us create well-rounded, versatile athletes that can make it through one, two or sometimes even three rigorous sports seasons,” Bierlein said.
  The new floor plan allows more athletes to work out simultaneously and creates more open space for sport-specific exercises.
  But it definitely took a full community effort to get this thing done, Bierlein said. 
  “The Frankenmuth Community Foundation, the Frankenmuth Jaycees, the FAA, and all of the people and businesses that contributed to the April auction stepped up and made it happen and athletes years to come will benefit from it,” Bierlein said. 
  𠇏rankenmuth is a special place and without the people like Joann Crary, Troy Fischer, Julie Roche and Tina Breinager behind the scenes busting their tails, this would have never happened this fast or maybe at all.”
  Breinager said projects like this are classic Frankenmuth.
  “It speaks to the dedication and small-town mindset that the community will identify a need and then rally all its resources, like the Frankenmuth Community Foundation, to make it happen,” she said. 
  “It speaks volumes about our community and I'm so proud to have had a chance to be part of it.”


(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News