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Petitions available for City Council seats

  City residents who are considering running for Frankenmuth City Council now have time to fill out their petitions.

  Frankenmuth City Clerk Phil Kerns said the general election is set for Tuesday, November 6. New voters must be registered on or before Tuesday, October 9, in order to vote in this general election.

  Registered city voters will elect a mayor for a regular two-year term and three council members for four-year terms.

  Mayor Gary Rupprecht has indicated he will seek re-election. Rupprecht was first elected to serve on the council in 1977 and was elected mayor in 1985. His term expires December 31, 2018.

  The terms of Mary Anne Ackerman, Joe Cramer and Mike Grossi will expire December 31, 2018. As of press time, it is unknown if any or all of three members will seek re-election.

 Ackerman was first elected in 2016 and Cramer and Grossi in 2013. Ackerman filled a special two-year slot as a result of Gary Zeilinger’s mid-term resignation in 2015.

  To qualify for a City of Frankenmuth elective office, a person must meet the following three requirements: Be over 25 years of age, be a registered city voter and be a resident of the City of Frankenmuth for at least two consecutive years immediately preceding his or her election.

  Kerns advised that any person wishing to seek the office of mayor of city council member must file a nominating petition with the city clerk on forms supplied by his office. The petitions must be signed by not less than 50 nor more than 100 registered voters of the City of Frankenmuth.

  Nominating petitions must be filed in the city clerk’s office, the City & Township Government Center, 240 West Genesee Street, by 5pm Tuesday, August 7.

  Kerns cautions voters not to sign their names to a great number of petitions for an office than the number of persons to be elected to that office. For example, voters may sign only one petition for Mayor and up to three for council member candidates. Should a voter sign more petitions than allowed, his or her signature will be void on all the petitions that he or she signed.

  For more information, contact Phil Kerns at the city office, 652-3430, extension 111.

  There is a correction to the Saginaw County Primary Ballot, regarding Proposal 2, which is the renewal and increase of funding to the Saginaw County Castle Museum as well as other museums and historical events within the county, including the Frankenmuth Historical Association.

  The proposal will ask county residents to renew the .1997 mill and up to 0.2697 mill from a time frame 2019-2028. The number published in last week’s News was 2.697. 

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