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Vic's Flick Picks

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

(2 popcorn boxes)

  I know I saw the first movie – shockingly named Paul Blart: Mall Cop but I can’t remember if I gave it a favorable review. I must have, because they made a sequel, right?

  After the shenanigans of the first movie, i.e. Paul Blart (Kevin James) saves the mall, his romantic wedding to the beautiful yet understanding of his weight issues girl has ended badly. Blart and his daughter Maya (Raini Rodriguez) head to Las Vegas for a security officer convention.

  Security officer convention. Excellent opening for some truly hilarious hi-jinks that never happen. The writers missed all the comedic opportunities in order to bring us the same old slapstick stuff.

  Also in Las Vegas are high rollers Vincent (Neal McDonough) and Robinson (D.B. Woodside) setting up for a big art heist at the Wynn. Is it Ocean’s 11 everyday here in Vegas?

  Spoiler alert….Blart and his fellow security conventioneers foil the robbery. This brings me to the fellow officers who truly made me laugh out loud. Lonnie Love as Donna, security at Mall of America, was barely in the film, yet her characterization was just downright funny. Anna Gasteyer as the wife of another mall cop was just… I can’t find words…if you’ve ever seen her on Saturday Night Live you will understand…she just takes over the persona and is in your face. Very chuckle-worthy.

  But the sidekicks along with watching Blart coming to terms with his own self worth couldn’t keep Mall Cop 2 from being just a rehash of the first flick.

  Two boxes out of five for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. Even though I had some serious moments of giggling (hmmm.. serious giggling, is than an oxymoron?) this movie is only for the die hard fans of the first film. This is rated PG and I took my precious granddaughter with me – she thought it was awesome. She’s 12-years-old. That’s the audience they were shooting for.

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  Kudos if you get this one... except the fantastical and brilliant daughters, they better know this…. D.B. Woodside is not very famous, but I know him as which character from what Joss Whedon television series? 


  Another easy one – I’m still recovering from the awesomeness of Statham and Diesel in a street fight with gi-normous wrenches and stuff. Why do I call Jason Statham ‘Handsome Rob’? That was his character nickname in The Italian Job – good stuff.



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