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Vic's Flick Picks

The Nice Guys
 (3 Popcorn Boxes)

   Okay, I didn’t love The Nice Guys, even though Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are personal favorites. I didn’t hate the movie either. It was just … okay. Not really a black comedy, but dark.
  We get started in this weird mash-up of Boogie Nights and Starsky and Hutch in the home of a random suburban couple. The year is 1977 in Los Angeles and famous porn star Misty Mountains has just crashed her car over a mountain, through the home of the above mentioned suburban couple, and died. 
  Private Investigator Holland March (Gosling) has been hired by Misty’s grandmother to find her – she is sure she saw her after she had been reported dead. His trail leads him to seek out Amelia (Margaret Qualley).
  Muscle-for-Hire Jackson Heeley (Russell Crowe) has been engaged by Amelia to stop March from looking for her…..yes, it is a bit of a tangled web of a storyline, but not a total failure.
  Gosling and Crowe have good chemistry and their fights with each other are just as hilarious as when they take on the bad guys.
  While I did laugh often, sometimes it just seemed like the writers were throwing in one-liners for no apparent reason, it’s funny so we’ll have Heeley break his arm…that didn’t always work. But sometimes it did and those times make The Nice Guys worth a trip to the theater.
  I feel that writers Shane Black (also director) and Anthony Baggarozzi worried too much about being funny and forgot to keep the comedy dark. There were a few excellent scenes (poor Amelia), but not enough of them. Tarantino would never approve such a happy ending. We needed a little more Pulp Fiction in this film noire.
  Three boxes for The Nice Guys. The ending set us up for sequels I hope will never come. This has much more of a Netflix or Showtime series kind of vibe. This film is rated R for a multitude of violence, nudity, profanity and drug use. Keep the youngsters away.
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     I do love Russell Crowe. One of my favorites is this 2007 remake of a Glenn Ford western.

  Both Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie appeared in this 2008 Oscar winning war film. The Hurt Locker.



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