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Vic's Flick Picks

Jurassic World

(3 1/2 popcorn boxes)

  Set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, we learn that the more things change – the more they stay the same.

  Jurassic World is a fully operational and highly lucrative business which hosts tourists as they experience “life with the dinosaurs”. I found it hilarious that everything on site was branded – Samsung Holographic Exhibit, Sony Archeology Exhibit, Pepsi Gyrosphere Tours, etc. Except corporate feels that they must add something new and exciting…something bigger…scarier…more teeth…to continue to attract visitors. Not always a good idea. To quote the original movie, “Yes, but when Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down it doesn’t eat the customers.”

  Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is in charge of Jurassic World. Claire is very organized, makes perfect corporate decisions, is personality-free  (you can tell by the pristine all-white outfit she wears) and so cold that she sends her assistant to entertain her visiting nephews whom she hasn’t seen in seven years.

  Owen (Chris Pratt) is the former Navy guy who trains the Raptors. How cool is that? He imprints on them at birth and while they are in no way tame, they respond to his Alpha commands. I’ll be blunt and say that Pratt is the best part of Jurassic World and he is in it not nearly enough.

  So, the evil scientists (led by B.D. Wong) have created Indominus Rex so he can be big and scary and attract more money, the evil military guys (led by Vincent D’Onofrio) want to use the raptors as disposable killing machines and the innocent nephews (Nick Robinson and Ty Simkins) are touring the park. In a nutshell, this is almost exactly how things went in Jurassic Park – and we know that didn’t end well.

  Of course, Indominus escapes and wreaks havoc and terror upon the tourists and the other prehistoric animals. Apparently those pesky scientists included DNA characteristics that make it nearly impossible to stop her. As usual, I always wonder about the wisdom of creating a character (or in this case Indominus Rex) that is unstoppable, but the screenwriters built in a pretty good loophole. To quote the wise Qui-Gon Jin “There’s always a bigger fish.” I seem to be quoting a lot – I’ll cut that out.

  It took a while to build up to the action, but once it got started there was no slow down. The special effects and CGI (Computer Generated Images) are amazing. And graphic. I wasn’t really in the mood for dinner after watching the dinosaurs eat so many people. Blech.

  I give Jurassic World three and a half out of five boxes. If you don’t mind that this is only a slightly remixed version of the original – and really, it’s been 20 years, how many people under 30 even know who Sam Neill is? – you will enjoy it. Lots of action and lots of stupid decisions which result in pandemonium. Good stuff. This film is rated PG-13 for scenes of violence, peril and the aforementioned eating.

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Bryce Dallas Howard appeared as the horrible girlfriend in this drama starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogan. One of my favorite films of 2011.


    Ha! I am not going to mention Handsome Rob this time…that mention doesn’t count. Morena Baccarin appeared in this television series set in space (2002-2003). The BEST SPACE TV SERIES EVER. Firefly (which was later made into an excellent film titled ‘Serenity’.)


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