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Township residents invited to annual meeting March 18

  The Frankenmuth Township Board of Trustees will conduct their annual meeting of electors at 7pm Monday, March 18, in the Frankenmuth City Council chambers, 240 West Genesee Street.

  The board encourages township residents to attend the meeting, where residents will vote on the proposed annual budget, and the police, fire equipment and trash special assessments.

  Township Clerk Luci Valone said residents will have an article available for reading pertaining to the future of recycling in the township.

  “The question is important as our recycling contact will be coming up (for possible renewal) next year,” Valone said.

  Supervisor Tim Hildner will also report on road projects on the docket for 2019. Residents with specific concerns will have the opportunity to address the board.

  The regularly-scheduled monthly meeting will follow the electors convening.

  Other board of trustee members include Treasurer Kathy Marshall and Trustees Jeff Frahm, Tom Bierlein. Al Swearengin is the ordinance enforcement officer and Doug Powers is the assessor. The board typically meets the third Monday of each month at 7pm in the second floor of city hall.


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