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North water tower work will cause lower water pressure north of the Cass River

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City of Frankenmuth Water Superintendent Ken O'Brien has advised that the north water tower located at 216 West Schleier Street will be getting an exterior recoat and repairs beginning Monday, September 24. The work is expected to take 30 days.

  The tower will remain out of service during this time period. The work is considered routine and is completed approximately once every 15 years, O'Brien pointed out. This project is not related to the construction of the transmission main on Junction Road, except that the transmission main needed to be complete and in service before this work could take place.

  O'Brien said that water customers north of the Cass River will experience lower than normal water pressure during this time. The Water Department regrets any inconvenience caused during this time. Residents with questions should contact the City Office at 652-9901.



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