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Police warn of fraudulent IRS phone calls

  Being contacted by an Internal Revenue Service representative is scary enough for most citizens.

  Being contacted by one asking for money is even more frightening.

  The Frankenmuth Police Department is alerting area residents of a scam involving an alleged IRS agent calling and asking for money.

  The fact of the matter is the IRS does not conduct business over the telephone and persons are to be wary, especially if these two numbers appear on their caller ID: 202-280-7382 or 844-204-8888.

  Both of those numbers have been determined to be fraudulent, according to the police.

  The 𠇊gent” calls residents, gives a name and an “IRS badge number” and states they owe back taxes and they are currently being prosecuted for tax evasion. The 𠇊gent” may threaten to have the person arrested.

  When a person returns a call to the above two numbers, the 𠇊gent” wants the caller’s Social Security number for “security purposes.”

  The FPD asks residents to get the word out about this scam. For more information or to report a scam, contact the FPD at 652-8371.


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