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Vol. 112 No. 46 - In our 112th year!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Safety and congestion cited for 3 temporary parking orders

    Traffic safety and parking congestion issues have caused the City of Frankenmuth to make some parking changes at three different locations in the community.

  Frankenmuth Police Chief Don Mawer addressed the Frankenmuth City Council at its May meeting. The temporary parking orders came from the council’s subcommittee, the Traffic Advisory Council (TAC), following their review. Temporary no parking signs have been installed in the three areas.

  The first area is along Mayer Street, 200 feet south of Mission Ridge, on the east side of Mayer.

  “There are certain times of the week where vehicles are parked up tight to the corner, creating an obstructed view for northbound motorists,” Mawer said.

  The no parking along Mayer Street will affect St. Lorenz Lutheran Church parishioners, who park there for church services. It should not affect parents who park to watch the youth soccer action on the west side of Mayer Street.

  Mawer said he drove down Mayer Street last Sunday morning and counted about seven vehicles who either did not see the signs or chose to ignore them. He said more flagging may be added to point out the no parking area.

  The second area posted with temporary no parking orders is the inside of the Memorial Park horseshoe, also known as Park Street.

 The no parking begins at the east end of the Frankenmuth High School football field and travels inside to School Street and the Frankenmuth School District property line.

  The area used to be signed, however, when the wooden barriers were there, vehicles could park up on the grass and only use a portion of the pavement. The horseshow now has curb and gutter.

  “This is strictly a safety issue, to allow ambulance and fire trucks to drive on the horseshoe. Vehicles on both sides basically created one lane,” Mawer said.

  This measure will affect Friday night FHS football games, the Frankenmuth Women’s Club’s Concerts in the Park Series, June through August, and some youth baseball and softball games. In the near future, it will also limit parking for the Frankenmuth Jaycees Splash Park.

  The third area is along East Genesee Street, near E.F. Rittmueller Middle School, on the south side of the road.

  The temporary no parking order will last 90 days, with the chief having the option of re-upping it for another 90 days.

  A public hearing will be held at the July city council meeting and a vote likely will take place at the August meeting.



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