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Vol. 113 No. 44- In our 113th year!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


    Frankenmuth School District confirms Aug. 6 election

Three proposals on ballot

  The Frankenmuth School District Board of Education has unanimously approved going forward with three ballot proposals. At last night’s regular meeting, the Board of Education voted to place a bond proposal, a sinking fund renewal, and a non-homestead renewal on the August 6 ballot.

  Voter approval of the bond proposal and the sinking fund proposal will not change the current tax rate.

  Voter approval of the non-homestead millage proposal will renew and restore the tax rate approved by voters in 2014. (Since it was approved by Frankenmuth voters in 2014, the non-homestead millage has been rolled back as a result of reductions required by the Headlee Amendment to the Michigan Constitution. This roll back has resulted in reductions in the school district’s operating budget.)

  Proposal 1 is a $15,030,000 bond proposal that will provide funds for remodeling and upgrading Frankenmuth’s schools and school facilities. The bond proposal projects fall into two basic categories: enhancing school security and student safety; and, remodeling and upgrading schools and school facilities.

  Proposal 2 is a sinking fund renewal. In 2014 Frankenmuth voters approved two sinking fund proposals, one for 0.5 mills and a second for 1.5 mills. These have been combined into a single 2.0 mill renewal proposal.

  Proposal 3 asks voters to renew a non-homestead proposal that they approved in 2014. Voter approval of this proposal will also restore a portion of the millage lost as a result of reductions required by the Headlee Amendment of the Michigan Constitution. This tax is not levied on a homeowner’s primary residence. It is levied primarily on businesses and second homes.

  “If approved by voters, the three proposals will help assure that we can continue and enhance Frankenmuth’s award winning educational programs,” said School Superintendent Adele Martin. “In addition to financing updates of Frankenmuth’s schools, the bond proposal funds will be used to construct secure school entrances, add additional classrooms, and reconfigure and refurnish Media Centers. We will also make enhancements to all athletic facilities.”

  Board of Education President Brandon Muller said that “voter approval of the three proposals will continue to support our operating budget, provide an opportunity to make substantial improvements in the learning environment, and continue ongoing repairs.”

  According to Martin, voter approval of the bond proposal will affect every Frankenmuth student and every Frankenmuth school facility. She said that the proposed projects are quite extensive. “The project list includes such things as security modifications to all school entrances, adding additional classrooms, reconfiguring and refurnishing Media Centers, and upgrading kitchens, HVAC systems, playgrounds, and athletic facilities. Many of the projects will improve the school district’s energy efficiency, saving money that can be used to support the educational program.”

  Muller believes that voter approval of the ballot proposals will provide continuing support for Frankenmuth’s award-winning educational program. “This is a win-win proposal for our students and the Frankenmuth community,” he said. “I also believe a successful election will have a favorable effect on homeowner property values and the positive reputation of the Frankenmuth community,” he said.

  Superintendent Martin said that the school district will be producing informational materials and making community presentations to explain the various components of the election proposals. “We want to make sure members of our community understand the proposals, and that all of their questions are answered before the vote which the Board of Education has scheduled for August 6.”

  In preparing the August 6 bond proposal, the Frankenmuth School District conducted a district wide assessment as part of its ongoing strategic facilities planning. Below are the projects that will be addressed if voters approve the August 6 bond proposal. Note that the school district plans to sell the bonds in two series or phases to reduce interest costs. The first series will be sold in late 2019 and the second series in 2020.

  List Elementary School Projects Series 1 (2019): Redevelopment of Kid’s Kingdom playground area.

  List Elementary School Series 2 (2020): Site restoration following building additions, Bus/parking lot expansion, Four classroom additions, Cafeteria and kitchen addition, Replace window wall at existing cafeteria, Convert existing cafeteria to Media Center, Convert existing Media Center into a Strategic Learning Environment, Security modifications to all building entrances, Renovations to existing classroom areas for locker bays, Install student lockers, Interior renovations, Replace Cafeteria HVAC system, Replace Media Center furniture, Purchase furniture and equipment to support the new Strategic Learning Environment

Purchase Cafeteria furniture and equipment

  EFR Middle School Series 1 (2019): Site work at the Eastside Athletic Facility including synthetic turf, concession stand with restrooms, netting, bleachers, concrete walkways, team shelters/benches, and fencing, Convert Media Center to Strategic Learning Environment, Replace Media Center furniture to support the new Strategic Learning Environment.

  EFR Middle School Series 2 (2020): Site restoration following building addition, Media Center addition, Security modifications to all building entrances, Convert storage area into Tech Lab and Training Room, Purchase furniture and equipment to support the Tech Lab and Training Room.

  Frankenmuth High School Series 1 (2019): Install synthetic turf on football field (This will be done at the same time as the Eastside Athletic Facility work identified above. Doing both projects at the same time will save substantial construction costs.)

  Frankenmuth High School Series 2 (2020): Site restoration following building addition, Media Center addition, Remodel existing Media Center to create Student Learning Center, Security modifications to all building entrances, Replace Media Center furniture

Purchase furniture and equipment for the Student Learning Center.

  Transportation Center Series 1 (2019): No projects.

  Transportation Center Series 2 (2020): Install new bus charging stations (block heaters).


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