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Vol. 111 No. 15   In our 111th year!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Progress delayed on bridge, arch projects

  The Curtis Road bridge reconstruction project is continuing in Frankenmuth Township, however, the reopening will be delayed two weeks past its target deadline.
 The bridge work began back in mid-July on Curtis Road, near Maple Road, and it spans the Dead Creek. 
  “The original open to traffic date for the bridge was October 21, however, due to a high water event early in the project, and conflicts with cobblestone and debris during foundation pile construction, the open to traffic date has been extended for the contract,” Saginaw County Road Commission PE, Director of Engineering Joe Wisniewski said. 
  The current expected open date is Tuesday, November 1. Final restoration and cleanup will take place after November 1, but traffic is expected to be open at that time.
  The Palmer Gateway Arch project over M-83 is also in a delay.
  M-83 will remain open until further notice, between Weiss Street and Townline Road. All the work that can be completed is done at this time.
  “We’re waiting for engineering submittals by the sign company, Barrett Sign of Saginaw, before we will allow them to install the decorative elements,” Frankenmuth Downtown Development Authority Director Sheila Stamiris said. Stamiris is the project manager for the arch.
  Since the arch crosses a state highway, the city wants to make sure all the necessary paperwork is done and the arch is properly built.
  “Quality control is critical to the successful completion of this project. This is very important because we need the paper trail of approvals for the MDOT permit; but we want them for practical reasons also . . . we want the arch to be built as designed for safety and longevity,” Stamiris explained.
  Meanwhile, Stamiris is hoping once work resumes, the project can be done overnight to avoid road closures. 
  “We want the sign company to finish, but not at the cost of keeping the road closed during the day, during the busiest time of the year.  We are discussing a new schedule for them that requires overnight work to keep the road open during daylight hours,” Stamiris added.
  This delay will not cost the city or its funding source, the Palmer Foundation, any additional money; however, we are disappointed it is not already completed. I never guessed the difficult part would be working on the decorative elements,” Stamiris said.



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