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Pastor's Column

How to survive the holidays:

By checking your gauges

  The holiday season is a time of traveling for most people. Think of all the holiday songs that have travel lyrics like Jingle Bells [ . . . Batman smells . . . I couldn’t resist] So here are some helpful hints to navigating the road of the holidays.

Check your proverbial gauges:

  1. Your Speed. In the hustle of the holiday make sure you slow down enough to connect with Jesus, yourself, your family and friends. Move too fast and you’ll miss the subtle blessings of the season.

  2. Your Fuel. Jesus tells us that His people don’t live on bread alone but on the Word of God. Be intentional about spending some quite-time in prayer, worship, and Bible reading each day. The community church worship experience was never intended to be the sole source of Christian discipleship for an individual. This would be like only putting gasoline into your car if your pastor did it for you once a week! No one would go anywhere and your pastor would go crazy! You fuel up with Jesus everyday, and let your pastor give you an extra boost when you gather.

  3. Your Gear. Different road conditions require different gears. What are you going through in your life? Stuck in the mud- choose a low gear. Climbing a hill- choose a low gear. Coasting on an easy and flat road or down a hill- choose a higher gear. Life has all types of terrain in it. Don’t expect all road conditions to be the same in life (we certainly don’t as Michigan drivers!) Allow yourself the wisdom and grace to navigate well and get the traction you need for your situation.

  4. Enjoy the ride. The Bible says in Romans 14 that the Kingdom of God is a matter of righteousness, peace, and joy. Jesus is faithful to see His people through the journey of life as we live for Him. Take a deep breath and ride with Him.

  Merry Christmas.



(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News