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Pastor's Column

  Life eternal - God's gift to us

  The doctor walked solemnly into the hospital room. He explained to the anxious family of his unconscious patient, "All medical procedures have been employed and exhausted. There is no life left."

  That is no doubt the most difficult job of any doctor. And he will have to perform that most difficult service in one form or another for every patient under his care. Every patient's file ends the same way. Yes, your doctor will do that for you one day.

  As Pastor I have made countless visits to dying church members in the hospital over the past 30 years. The doctors may be getting paid a bit more for their excellent and compassionate service. But I have often felt very sorry for those doctors in their most desperate, helpless and hopeless work.

  If only someone could grant life! Wouldn't any doctor, any patient and their family give anything and everything for life?

  Like the doctor, the pastor must approach the death-bed of every member of his congregation one by one, systematically, or not so systematically, as God takes his own home to heaven, until another pastor appears at his death-bed. Though difficult, what a privilege and blessing, for what a triumphant message the pastor has to impart:

  "He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life." [1 John 5:12]

  Death proves that there is no life anywhere else in this world of sin. But God sent his own Son to our world to live our life perfectly for us, granting us the eternal robe of his righteousness. Jesus died our death for us on the cross and rose from the dead on Easter triumphant over our sin, death, and hell. In that Son we have life eternal in the bliss and glory of heaven with him. This life eternal is free, God's gift to us!

  This life in God's Son is yours to live, already now, and forever. You have it. Treasure it! Live it! In Christ you share the grand privilege of encouraging other believers with the life we share in God's Son, and in reaching out to others who do not yet know and have the only life, life in God's Son.

  God bless you this day and forever as you truly live in the Son of God!

  Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for winning and giving me life. Help me to live that life and encourage others in that life today and forever. Amen.




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