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Rupprecht recognition celebration Dec. 18 at Fischer Hall

  The City of Frankenmuth is planning a recognition celebration for Mayor Gary Rupprecht next month.

  Rupprecht has served the citizens of Frankenmuth on the City Council since 1977 and became Mayor in 1985, replacing Richard G. Krafft. Rupprecht lost his bid for re-election November 6, by 95 votes, to Mary Anne Ackerman. She will become Mayor on January 1, 2019.

  The celebration will take place on Tuesday, December 18, from 3-7pm at the Frankenmuth Historical Association’s Fischer Hall.

  Frankenmuth City Manager Bridget Smith is preparing a historical perspective of tenure, along with food and drink and one last ceremonial keg tapping.

  “Gary wants to focus on the people he has worked with over the years,” Smith said.

  An afterglow will follow the celebration at the Main Street Tavern, after 7:30pm.

  Smith is looking for ideas for the evening and event planning. Persons willing to assist should send her an email at her address,


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