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Frankenmuth plays host to triathlon, strong man contest

  Two big athletic events are taking place Saturday, Aug. 1 in Michigan’s “Little Bavaria.”  The Bavarian Inn Restaurant, Bavarian Inn Lodge and Frankenmuth River Place Shops are sponsors of the events.
  The annual Bavarian Inn Experience, with a cash prize purse of $8,000, ranks as one of the Midwest region’s premier triathlon venues. It features Olympic and Sprint Triathlon events beginning at 7:45am at the Cass River and continuing across the picturesque countryside. A pair of 𠇊quabike” events have been added this year, too.
  Olympic Triathlon athletes will be tested with a 1,500-meter swim, a 40,000-meter bike ride, and 10,000-meter run while Sprint Triathlon participants will go all out for about half those lengths. Aquabike events include a 1,500-meter swim and 40,000-meter bike ride for participants on the Olympic side while Sprint athletes will contend with a 500-meter swim and 20,000-meter ride.
  The Bavarian Inn Experience ends at noon with an awards ceremony open to the public at the Festival Platz. Also that day, beginning at 11am, the state’s strongest men and women will test their mettle and muscular power as Frankenmuth hosts its third Michigan Strong Man Competition. 
  The contest takes place at the Covered Bridge and Leather Gift Shop parking lot in downtown Frankenmuth, and includes five feats of physical fortitude – from car and truck lifting, to toting cement-filled beer kegs. And, there’s the classic contest from the World’s Strongest Man event from 1988 – the Kern’s Sausage Hold, where athletes “meat” their match by trying to hang on to a huge row of hanging sausages until their body says, “no more!”  Visit to learn more.


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