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Vic's Flick Picks


(3 1/2 popcorn boxes)

  Tag is not only ridiculous, goofy and outrageous… it is also fun and funny!

  The story is about five childhood friends who have taken to heart the George Bernard Shaw quote: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” They have been playing a game of tag for 30 years. That definitely qualifies as not grown up.

  To be clear, there are rules. Tag only happens during the month of May. No tag backs. You must answer truthfully when asked if you’re “it”. No girls allowed. Remember, they were 10 when they started.

  This year Hogan (Ed Helms), Chilli (Jack Johnson), Callahan (Jon Hamm) and Sable (Hannibal Buress) have joined forces from around the country to “tag” Jerry (Jeremy Renner). He has never been it. Not in 30 years. That seems unlikely, and a bit sad, but let the shenanigans begin!

  And boy, are there shenanigans… each new tag attempt crazier than the last. However, it is laugh out loud hilarious. I can’t say the premise is anything less than preposterous, at the same time it is inspired by a true story. So. Really. No kidding.

  The characterization is well done by writers Rob McKittrick and Mark Stellan. Helms seemed to be playing the same guy as always – that hapless yet lovable professional; Hamm so perfectly fits the smooth businessman mold it’s hard to think of him as anything else; but Jake Johnson was so perfect as Chilli – who is rarely seen without a joint in his mouth… he was offbeat and embarrassing to watch, but you can’t look away.

  I give Tag three and a half out of five boxes. Don’t take this too seriously my friends. This is not Oscar-worthy stuff – less Shawshank Redemption and more Blues Brothers. But still fun. This film is rated R for language and adult situations throughout, but if you’re over 18 and looking for a laugh – Tag, you’re it.

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    Jake Johnson is one of those actors who you recognize – but not sure why… he was the comedic sidekick in this 2017 Tom Cruise film, which should have stayed buried.


    Helena Bonham Carter managed to dress a bit like Bellatrix Lestrange in Ocean’s 8. She also appeared with Ocean’s Eleven star Brad Pitt in this classic 1999 film starring Edward Norton. Fight Club.


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