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Vic's Flick Picks

Cold Pursuit

(2 1/2 popcorn boxes)

  "Snow plow driver seeks revenge against the drug dealers who killed his son.” Who wouldn’t want to see that?

  Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) is the aforementioned snow plow driver. When his son is found dead of a heroin overdose Coxman quietly goes about finding out who did that and why, and then people start disappearing. Cold Pursuit is based on a 2014 Norwegian film titled In Order of Disappearance.

  As you can probably guess from the Norwegian title… people disappear a lot. Even his wife (Laura Dern) leaves.

  I partly enjoyed Cold Pursuit. It started off well, but the clever and funny (yes, funny) disappearances soon dwindled to a tedious storyline about “Viking” the drug dealer (Tom Bateman) and his nefarious deeds. I understand that the writers want to make it clear that these bad guys deserve to be killed… but I think they painted that picture with a heavy roller when a delicate brush would work.

  I give full marks for what my husband called "a bit of a Tarantino” feel to the killings. Laughter and irreverence are Tarantino trademarks, but Cold Pursuit lost that atmosphere. To be honest, Neeson’s character probably says fewer than 50 words in the whole movie, and that is not a drawback. The problem is that Viking talks too much. He was not interesting and while we are supposed to cheer for his demise, he was just plain boring.

  Cold Pursuit did not have as much action as you might expect from a Liam Neeson movie. A bit of a shootout at the end, but it was a bit of a too little too late situation. Only two and a half boxes out of five. The first 20-30 minutes set me up for a great film….the middle was a pit of tedium…okay, so was the ending. At 118 minutes it lasted about 70 minutes too long. This film is rated R for violence, language, murder and death. I was disappointed. Usually humor can keep you interested in a mediocre film, not always though.

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