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Vic's Flick Picks

The Fate of the Furious

(Four popcorn boxes)

  Why are you surprised that I liked this movie? It’s not like you haven’t read my stellar reviews of movies four through eight. Still skipping films two and three – because I just do.
  I have always maintained that Vin Diesel is what makes this franchise successful. And yet, the lack of Paul Walker was noticed. Okay, enough with the tears, on to the fun stuff.
  Dom (Vin Diesel) has been forcefully brought to the dark side of international hacking by Cipher (Charlize Theron) whose very long, very blonde dreadlocks are a bit distracting. Cipher has the unique distinction of being the very least scary or interesting villain in recent memory. Super boring. But she does inspire some excellent car chases enacted by our beloved team… Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Letty (Michelle Rodrigez) and newest member Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham).
  So the team is saving the world again, that old chestnut. But the car chases… so spectacular they will leave you breathless. Acting isn’t a strong suit for most of these characters, but the humor is welcome and makes us all feel like a part of the family. 
  The story itself is ridiculous, of course, and why am I the only one that remembers Deckard Shaw actually killed Han? The plot had holes you could drive a submarine through and at one point Cipher took remote control of an entire parking garage full of cars and drove them off the edges to the street below. It looked so much like Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff doing the same thing in Age of Ultron that it spoiled the scene for me.
   I do adore the relationship of Dom and Letty and the return of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) was outstanding. Another new character is an underling of Mr. Nobody – Little Nobody – played by Scott Eastwood. I guess the team needed someone to make fun of for comic relief.
  THEN… the reason this review is tipped past three boxes to four…. Shaw’s mother (Helen Mirren) makes an appearance. She was perfect. 
  That’s it. Four out of five boxes for The Fate of the Furious. Dwayne Johnson and his adorable face and ridiculous muscles. Jason Statham and his British stiff upper lip and smile. Michelle Rodrigez being tough and beautiful at the same time. And Vin Diesel. I’m just saying. This eighth installment was no more or less than it should be𠉯un. I left the theater laughing and happy. That’s a good movie.
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The Sure Thing.



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