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Vic's Flick Picks

Blade Runner 2049

(3 popcorn boxes)

  Blade Runner has a cult following. It didn’t even crack the Top 20 films of 1982 (it was number 27). Big box office at that time was E.T., Tootsie, An Officer and a Gentleman and Rocky III. A sequel after 35 years is odd. But then so is Blade Runner.

  I’ll start by saying I approve of how well the director and cinematographer re-created the look and atmosphere of the original film. The feel of dirt, grime, smoke, constant rain… a persistent underlying theme of water… all well done.

  In 2049 the Blade Runners are still retiring undesirable replicants. LAPD Blade Runner “K” (Ryan Gosling) has a difficult interaction with an old Nexus 8 model – no automatic termination like the Nexus 6 model, but still liable to cause trouble – and his life goes downhill from there.

  Niandar Wallace (Jared Leto) has created a better generation of replicants. They don’t object quite so much to being slaves. Or Blade Runners. Wallace has directed his right-hand replicant, Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) to monitor K as he investigates an unusual replicant.

  All of this is not that far from the original film, and at times just as farfetched, the writers seem to have 𠇋orrowed” heavily from Battlestar Galactica. But there are enough twists to keep you interested.  Mostly the ambiance will keep you entranced. There isn’t a lot of dialogue.

  Gosling, as usual, is amazing. This role doesn’t require much speech (I’ll compare it to his role in Drive) but he conveys every nuance and feeling.

  Naturally, we all just want to see Deckard (Harrison Ford), but when we get to his appearance late in the very long film (164 minutes – yeesh) we are so wrapped up in K we don’t really care.

  Ford is always charming and brings life to his character. Gosling is amazing. Leto and his Wallace character are about as important as Tyrell was in the original. Not very. Luv is a worthy villain, but Robin Wright is less than vital as an LAPD lieutenant and various replicants – even those that are supposed to be precious to K are more throw-away than they should be.

  Three boxes out of five for Blade Runner 2049. If you are a fan of Blade Runner, you really must see this. If you’ve never seen the original, don’t bother because it is crucial to understanding every single sentence in this movie. I can’t say enough about the visual impact of Blade Runner 2049. I happened to see it in EMAX – very cool – and the mood and tone are enough to recommend you buy a ticket. The film is rated R for violence, nudity and sexual situations. But set aside an afternoon. 164 minutes. Yeesh.

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    I’ll take it easy on you this week. Name the band for which Jared Leto is the amazing/talented lead singer.


     Egerton had a starring role in the inspiring 2016 film Eddie the Eagle, but did you know he voiced Johnny in this 2016 animated film? Sing.



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