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(3 popcorn boxes)

  Bahahahah! Better than Red Sparrow, better than Sherlock Gnomes, better than Tomb Raider… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and a gorilla. Of course.

  Davis Okoye (Johnson) is a respected primatologist whose favorite gorilla, George, has been infected with a nefarious pathogen called Rampage. This pathogen alters DNA to create a seriously angry animal who grows larger at an alarming rate. A wolf and an alligator have also been infected. Oddly, the wolf and alligator show signs of freaky mutation, George just gets really big. My guess is that it will keep us sympathetic to poor ginormous George.

  Claire and Brett Wyden (Malin Ackerman and Jake Lacy) own Energyne, the company that created the bad pathogen. Naturally, the creators of Rampage want to retrieve these animals (dead or alive) to further their research and make lots of money. But the world has noticed and the government is also in the mix in the form of Agent Harvey Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

  Davis just wants to save George. He is joined by discredited geneticist Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) as they rush to save Chicago𠉪nd the world! (Cue dramatic music.)

  This all sounds ridiculous, and it is, but the characters know that. An underlying humor and outright scoffing at the craziness that is going on keeps you laughing and interested in every preposterous moment. Even the gorilla is funny!

  You have to have the “of course this is outrageous” attitude to enjoy Rampage. Which I did. While Davis and company are battling the monsters in Chicago he looks up at the mutant wolf as it attacks and says “of course the wolf flies” – that right there… shameless self-deprecation… a bit campy without being parody… hilarious.

  Don’t get me wrong, Rampage was far from perfect. It had plot holes a giant alligator could float through (I am so funny) and over-the-top villains that you can’t wait to see pulled up short, but that is half the fun. Cheering when the bad guy gets eaten, that’s entertainment.

  Three out of five boxes for Rampage. It is outlandish, has excellent computer generated images, great hero action, Dwayne Johnson and a gorilla! I laughed a lot and would recommend it for a great afternoon of escapism. Rampage is rated PG-13 for violence and language. Good fun for older kids, maybe a bit intense for youngsters.

  Check this week’s issue of the Frankenmuth News for a complete listing of shows and times.


  Jeffrey Dean Morgan has appeared on the big screen and the small screen in many roles. To me, he will always be John Winchester from this excellent CW television series.


T.J. Miller is instantly recognized by his voice. I liked him in Deadpool, but he has been in many animated features. My brilliant granddaughter loves him for his voice as Gene in this rather bad 2017 animated film that got “meh” reviews. The Emoji Movie.


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