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Vol. 113 No. 5 - In our 113th year!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Governor's race, proposals drive large area primary voter turnout

  The governor’s race, four millage questions and the county commissioner’s race likely drove Saginaw County residents to the polls Tuesday for the General Primary Election.

  Just over 30 percent of the county’s registered voters cast their ballots. Frankenmuth City and Township voters did even better, with around 45 percent of the nearly 5,400 registered voters (combined city and township) making the effort to come to the polling station or use absentee ballots.

  City Clerk Phil Kerns said his separate Precinct No. 3, located in the city council chambers, was dedicated just to processing the 600 absentee ballots.

  “The 597 processed absentee ballots are a record. Prior to that, we had 554 returned for the August 2012 primary when we had the 0.9 mill local proposal for the recreation center. Most likely the four millage increase proposals are driving the increase in voters, along with the open governor’s seat,” Kerns said.

  Township Clerk Luci Valone had 626 voters, with 169 being absentee ballots.

  “This was the first time the township voted since the precinct consolidation earlier this year,” Valone pointed out. “The reduction in the number of tabulators resulted in the township polling station to be completely located in the Public Safety & Training Room without the need of the fire station.”

  The new voting machines were used for the first time and both clerks reported only a few problems. For the first time, the county results were downloaded over a secure network electronically right to the Saginaw County clerk’s office. Kerns did note it took a little longer to tabulate each person’s ballot when compared to the old optic machines.

  The state voters chose Republican Bill Schuette and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer to square off in the November 6 general election. Ditto in Frankenmuth. Schuette totaled 948 votes to top current Lt. Governor Brian Calley (383), Jim Hines (291) and Patrick Colbeck (65). Whitmer collected 301 votes, followed by Abdul El-Sayed (147) and Shri Thanedar (82).

  Frankenmuth resident and seated 32nd District State Senator Ken Horn was pleased with the result.

  “I’m pleased to see that Bill Schuette is our GOP candidate for governor. Traditionally, Frankenmuth recognizes hard work and strong ideas. Bill Schuette is energized to keep up this pace, right to November,” Horn said.

  Frankenmuth resident Dennis Krafft retained his seat on the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners, 8th District. Krafft defeated fellow Republican challenger Amy Carl, 1,437-210 in the combined Frankenmuth City and Township results.

  Krafft was overwhelmed by the turnout and support.

 “I am blown away by the level of support from my fellow constituents and cannot find the words to express my sincere and humble appreciation,” Krafft said. “I am pleased for the opportunity to continue serving as your county commissioner, and promise to be ever on the job and in your corner! Looking forward to two more years.”

  Horn was also happy with Krafft’s margin of victory.

  “The people of Frankenmuth proved in a big way that Dennis Krafft deserved another term,” Horn noted.

  Four Saginaw County millage questions were on the ballot and the combined Frankenmuth City and Township voters passed all four fairly easily. Other Saginaw County residents agreed with our local residents, with the exception of Proposal 18-2, the Saginaw County Castle Museum renewal and increase.

 Here, Frankenmuth voters approved the measure, with 1,171 yes votes to 1,011 nay votes.

  Castle Museum of Saginaw County History President and CEO Jon T. Webb, a Frankenmuth resident, was not pleased with the result.

  “We are disappointed the vote didn’t turn out in our favor, but we’ll step back and regroup, and use this as motivation to do a better job next time of explaining to residents of Saginaw County the importance of preserving their community’s unique histories,” Webb stated.

  Webb is the former Frankenmuth Historical Association director. The local museum will be affected by the turned-down millage.

  Here, Proposal 1 for the animal care and control renewal and increase passed, 1,165-1,090; Proposal 3 for the County Commission on Aging renewal and increase was approved, 1,315-865 and; Proposal 4 for the County 911 Authority (new proposal) passed, 1,462-654.

    In neighboring Blumfield Township, Clerk Lisa Roethlisberger said a total of 544 voters turned out from the 1,506 registered voters in the township. Of that number, 78 were absentee ballots.

  “We had a steady stream of people, beginning at 7am, with very few errors, People have been accepting of the new equipment with not nearly as many spoiled ballots,” Roethlisberger said.

  On the Republican side, Schuette won the vote with 250 votes while for U.S. senator, Sandy Pensler collected 223 votes to move on to November, defeating John James with 178 votes. The 94th state representative race saw Steven Gerhardt edge Rodney Wakeman, 185-152, and Krafft picked up 293 votes to defeat Carl.

  For the Democratic Party, Whitmer totaled 82 votes to win the governor race in that party. For 32nd District state senator, Phil Phelps won with 51 votes.

  For millage questions, Proposal 1 was defeated, 299-208, Proposal 2 went down, 313-193, Proposal 3 was also defeated, 284-218 and Proposal 4 was approved by Blumfield voters, 287-235.

  Blumfield voters also okayed the road maintenance renewal, 355-172, and the road millage increase, 290-234.



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