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  Registered Voters: Do you really understand what Proposal #1 is all about? Proposal #1, as proposed, is a constitutional amendment that, if passed, will trigger 10 other laws. I urge you to get familiar with the Proposal before you cast your VOTE.

  You can find all kinds of information on the internet. I also encourage you to call your state elected senator or representative in Lansing to answer any questions you have. Their staff is very helpful. you can also get information on the following website This will take you to the Senate Fiscal Agency. You can also type State Notes winter 2015 into the search engine on your computer. The winter   2015 report will pop up on the screen of the State Notes: Topics of Legislative Interest states on page #7 Question #1 gives this information. The extra revenue generated from raising the sales tax to 7% would not be dedicated to roads. This is very clear that no sales tax money in this increase will go to roads.

  In the 2014-2015 state budget of 52.7B budget there is 3.7B for transportation which includes funding for roads.

  If Proposal #1 passes, the question then becomes where will I or my family come up with the extra money? Will my income increase enough to cover the extra money that will go for Proposal #1 or will I have to reduce my retirement contributions and my family will have to make sacrifices by cutting down spending on family fun things, go without, or reduce charitable and fund raising contributions?

  If Proposal #1 passes, it is estimated it will generate an additional 2 billion dollars for the state but not that much for roads. It also could increase our personal Federal Taxes (money sent to Washington) by 100 million dollars. We could also have more Government control in our lives.

  Please study what could happen in your and your family's lives if Proposal #1 passes.  Make sure your vote is based on correct information and not on incorrect information or emotion.

  I encourage that each and every one of you to vote on Tuesday, May 5. God Bless us all.

D. Weber


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