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  Thank you for printing the very fitting tribute to Coach Harry Kaczynski. It brought back special memories of my participation in the first two years of Frankenmuth football. My family had moved back to Frankenmuth and I joined the school's first junior and senior class.  We had been living in Fenton where I played two years of junior varsity football and I was not happy to move to Frankenmuth which had no football team.  Things looked up when I learned
they were starting a football program, but then I became concerned when I found out that I was the only one who had any football experience.  Things
didn't get any better when Coach K introduced himself and outlined what would be required of us.  I don't think I really knew what was ahead of us
until we started practice.  Coach K required a lot from us and it was difficult to meet his expectations.  I remember complaining to my dad that
Coach was critical and demanding.  My dad told me that Coach was actually
doing what he knew we needed to develop the potential he saw in us so we needed to stop complaining and do what we were told.

  Our first year was a practice season to give us much needed experience.  The first home game was played across from the high school on a cow pasture rented from George Palmreuter for $2.00. The players had the job of cleaning
up the field and getting it ready for the game.  During those initial years Coach's wife, Helena, sponsored the cheerleaders and taught them football basics so they could tell the difference between offense and defense and what was needed to make a first down. Initially the cheerleaders were also tasked to wash the team uniforms.  I eventually married one of those cheerleaders and we've been happily married over 53 years. 

  These are great memories for someone who initially dragged his feet when told he was moving back to Frankenmuth.

Thom Schutt

Class of 1957



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