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The Fabulous Hubcaps thank Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest


  The Fabulous Hubcaps would like to take this opportunity to thank the Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest for bringing us back for the 29th year!  What a fabulous time was had by all!!   Our special thanks and gratitude to Mark and Val Janson, who make the Summer Music Fest happen each year.  Special gratitude to Pam Mossner...our “Pammie”...for her tireless efforts in seeing that every one of our wants, needs and desires are fulfilled.  A warm and special nod to our dear friend Cindy Stakolosa...A.K.A. 𠇌razy Cindy”, who works feverishly to see that we never go hungry...her epicurean delights are to die for!   Our thanks to Ed Bergman for bringing out his magnificent beautiful Ford convertible so our 2016 group shot really dazzled...and to our Photographer Extraordinaire... Mr. Kevin Gregory (please check out the masterpieces on Kevin’s Facebook page...KG Photography) who always makes us look so good.  To all the other volunteers and support staff...our sincerest thanks!
  Last, but not least, our deepest thanks and gratitude to all of our fans and friends who join us each year in Frankenmuth.   Some of these very wonderful folks travel far and wide across the country to come to the Summer Music Fest.   It is a blessing indeed to rekindle friendships from year to year, and to meet new friends as well.
  We thank all for a great year, and are thrilled and excited that we will be returning to Frankenmuth, Michigan in 2017 for our 30th Anniversary Celebration with the Frankenmuth Music Fest.   We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Our love....our thanks
The Fabulous Hubcaps

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