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Roaming cat had HIV


  On June 10, 2014 a neighbor caught an orange cat in a live cage type trap. She then asked if it was mine or if I knew whose it was. I didn’t know, so I asked several neighbors and they didn’t know either. We had all seen it roaming around.

  He was not a happy cat, hissing in the cage. I took him to the vet to check out his health condition, as he seemed wild. The cat did test positive for HIV which is very contagious to other cats, but not dogs or humans.

  My intent was to try to find its owner after I knew it would be safe to handle, but with the news received, I sadly let the vet put the cat down. It was a hard decision; he would have had to live alone, no other cats, meds? And did it even have an owner?

  So the most important point is that if you have a cat that goes outside, you may want it tested. The area we found this cat was West Tuscola, Cass, Geyer and Frederick Streets.

  Another cat, black/white stripe on its back, has been seen in the area and appears to be sickly. If you happen to find it, please take it to the vet to be checked. Please be aware as this situation is a danger to other household cats.

Gisela Stanard, City resident


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