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Police Report

Be aware of possible scams


  We urge the Frankenmuth community to BE AWARE of a scam happening in the Frankenmuth area related to an individual posing as a representative of Fenton Home Furnishings.

  This individual contacted a woman in the area who had recently had a house fire. The individual informed her that he works in conjunction with Fenton Home Furnishings and if she worked directly with him he could save her money by ordering directly with the factory.

  Fenton Home Furnishings is a family-owned business and the only people who own Fenton Home Furnishings are Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Willey. Under no circumstances do they have anyone representing them in this kind of manner. We ask that if anyone runs into a similar situation to please report it to Fenton Home Furnishings immediately.

-Fenton Home Furnishings, Frankenmuth

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