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Fred Schumacher

Dear editor:                                 
  I was pleased to read your story regarding The Frankenmuth Union Cheese Factory in the March 15 edition of your newspaper.  My mom, Elizabeth “Liz” (Mueller) Zeilinger and her family would be pleased to know that their family history in Frankenmuth hasn’t been forgotten.   Mom had many interesting stories to tell about life at the cheese factory when she was a young girl, including one about “sneaking” cheese curd when (her father) Grandpa ("Sam") and her brothers (Sam, Rube and 𠇋lackie’), weren’t watching...she loved how the cheese curds “squeaked” as she chewed them.  Thanks also to Harold Eckert for his beautiful sketch.

Norm Zeilinger



  A HUGE thank you to E.F. Rittmueller’s FOX Club and Mr. Bill Fischer and the Frankenmuth Conservation Club for hosting yet another fantastic indoor archery season this winter!  
  The Conservation Club crew—Tom Betts, Tom Ezop, Trish Mayer, George Safranek, Cindy Techentein, and Jim Stange𠅊nd their generous donors (Saginaw County chapter of Pheasants Forever; the Frankenmuth/Reese/Birch Run chapter of Whitetails Unlimited)—made sure the kids had quality targets, top-notch bows, and abundant arrows and supplies to use all season.  The banquet night last week was also fantastic; the kids had their fill of pizza, and I believe every kid walked away with some kind of gift or prize𠅊 quiver, target, arrows, gift card, something.  Moreover, this opportunity was made possible without any additional funding on the part of the Frankenmuth School District, again showing the generosity of folks in and around our community. 
  Thanks are also due to Principal Kristen Hecht for ensuring that the kids had the opportunity and space to safely shoot in the middle school’s cafeteria; the environment was always clean, comfortable, safe and well-supervised.  Having also shared in this opportunity with my son Grant last winter, as well as in the trap and skeet shoots the FOX Club and Conservation Club also put on, this letter is actually long overdue.   I am very happy and proud our youths have such great instruction in the shooting sports.  My thanks!

Dan Conger 




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