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Bridgeport Historical's "Trunk or Treat" a success

Dear Editor:

  The Historical Society of Bridgeport would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their contributions to our "Trunk or Treat" celebration on Halloween and to those who helped us decorate, or set up or take down:
  Meijer's, The Lamplighter Flower Shop, Leona & Stan Thornton, Kroger, E.T. Automotive & Machine shop, B & S Heating and Cooling, Diane and Pat McCartney, Jan Brewer, Carolyn Szaroletta, Bill Neilson and April Adams and family, Charlene Bosquet, St. Matthew's Church, Elaine and Bob Meyer, Julien Clolinger, Nicholas Young, Susan Miller & Family, the Masonic Lodge, Mary Lysogorski, Sandra Lundy, Susan Lawcock, Tim Ross, Rachel Szaroletta, Laura Frey and Jordan DeSander.
  We had a nice turnout and everyone had a great time, despite the wet weather! We could not have held this event for the Bridgeport community without these great donors and volunteers.


-The Historical Society of Bridgeport


Resident urges citizens to learn about Education Savings Account


  Last Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, the House of Education SAF (Student Aid Fund) Sub committee conducted a hearing to begin the process of providing parents/guardians with a �rtain amount of money” to be used for their child’s education. As proposed, parents/guardians could use the money to pay for education at public schools, charter schools, parochial schools, private schools and, perhaps, to parents who home school their children. The process would be called the Parent/Guardian Education Savings Account. In simple terms, a VOUCHER system is being planned. As a side note, Frankenmuth’s State Representative Tim Kelly chairs this committee.
  Currently, Michigan provides about $7,300 per student for K-12 public and charter schools. Many public school districts, if not most, struggle to balance their budgets. In fact, Frankenmuth School District employees have had a salary freeze for the last four or five years in order to assist the district’s desire to maintain a sufficient fund equity.
  The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established a goal of providing a 𠇏ree public education” for Michigan’s students. The goal was not to provide a 𠇏ree non-public education” or a partially free education for students in non-public schools. As most Michigan residents know, it is illegal for tax dollars to go to non-public schools.
  Recently, Michigan legislators approved a road bill to fix our roads. Governor Snyder signed it into law and the delayed repair process has begun. Six hundred million dollars will come from the general fund that will probably include money from education dollars.
  I believe Michigan has around 250,000 students enrolled in non-public schools. Remember, no specific amount of money was designated…just a �rtain amount”. Regardless, even a small amount would greatly harm the SAF and do damage to Michigan’s public school system. I believe the SAF is where the legislature would find the money if this proposed legislation would become law.
  I urge residents to educate themselves about this issue. For example, how would the Education Savings Account be funded if somehow this proposal becomes law? Would the funds come from the already stressed SAF? If the legislators’ constituents remain quiet about how they feel concerning important education issues, there is the real possibility legislation will be passed which will greatly diminish the role of K-12 public education in Michigan.

Dan Gibson


(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News