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Dear Editor:

  Well, it just happened again. I was walking my dog Maggie in our neighborhood this afternoon, and she was attacked for the third time by another dog. She is a 26 pound cockapoo and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She is always on a leash and the other dogs, on two occasions, got away from their respective humans and attacked her, right in front of our house.

  The other time the attacking dog was loose as we walked past the owner’s property. The two dogs that were on a leash and got away from the owners were both rescue dogs that, according to the owners are “uncontrollable rescue dogs”. In my opinion, if they are uncontrollable rescue dogs, they should be put down. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs.

  The dog that attacked Maggie today looked like a pit bull mix, and if I hadn’t grabbed its leash, she would have killed my dog. Luckily the leash had a muzzle type strap that shut the dog’s mouth when I pulled up on it. My dog has a swollen mouth and sores where the other dog bit her. I got an apology from the lady that lost control of the dog.

  I would like to walk my dog without fear of attack, so if you have a dog that attacks other dogs or people, please keep it secured on your own property and do not risk letting it out in public. Dogs do get away, even when on a leash.



Bill Dudewicz

469 Wickson Dr.




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