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Remembering Herman Zehnder


  Thank you for the wonderful article about my father, Herman Zehnder (page 5 of the December 7 issue of the Frankenmuth News) and for acknowledging his book “Teach My People the Truth”.

  The book was not his thesis, but written in 1969 to research the contribution of the Frankenmuth Bavarian settlers to the founding of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and to coincide with the 125th anniversary in 1970 of the founding of Frankenmuth. My mother, Lenore, who is still living and will be 101 in February, and I typed the manuscript for this book.

  His Doctor of Divinity was honorary and awarded in November of 1972 for his service and many contributions to the church. (November 15, 1972 edition of the Frankenmuth News.)

  I just wanted to correct any historical discrepancies. Thanks again for the article.


Elizabeth (Zehnder) O’Hare

Bay City

Looking to thank the Conrads


  I owe a deep thank you to a couple who stopped to help me recently. My car developed a flat tire on M-83, near Bradley Road, on Thursday (Jan. 5) evening. While I got out of my car to inspect the tire a Jeep pulled up behind and after a brief conversation, he volunteered to change the tire.

  He and his wife made sure I was warm in their vehicle while they made the repair. The jack was hard to get out of my trunk, darkness was coming on and it was very cold. I thanked the kind Samaritans, the Conrads, as they finished and left. As they were leaving, two more vehicles pulled off and offered to help. Debbie Varley and Tim Hildner made sure the car was ready, but my car battery wouldn’t start. After a jump, I headed home with Debbie and Tim following to be sure I made it safely.

  Due to the stress of the situation, I didn’t get the full names of the gracious couple who first stopped. I know their last name and they live on Beyer Road, but that’s not enough for me to thank them properly. I would like to offer more appreciation for their help on a cold, snowy roadside and make sure they are all right after being in the weather for such a long time working on the tire.

  I am grateful to live in a community where people will stop and help a stranger along the road. Their concern for my comfort above their own and well-being ahead of their plans to attend a local high school basketball game is humbling and I will always remember their kindness. If anyone can put me in touch with the Conrads, I would like to thank them properly.

Thank you,

Logene Varley


Going above and beyond


  Jody and I lost a very good friend last week, Andy Kerr. But we weren’t the only ones. His best friend for the past six years and live-in partner, Shawn Marx, will miss him the most.

  The memorial last Wednesday at Cederberg’s was handled with dignity and grace. Reverend Walter David delivered an outstanding sermon and the bag piper at the end had more tears flowing, not a dry eye in the house.

  We were all invited to Andy’s kneipa, his favorite watering hole, Tiffany’s. Actually Russ and Tracy Baker opened the doors to Tiffany’s for the luncheon to follow the memorial for appetizers, pizza and dessert along with your favorite beverage to honor Andy.

  Andy touched so many of our lives, especially Shawn Marx. This letter is to thank Cederberg’s Funeral Home and especially Tiffany’s. Russ and Tracy went above and beyond. Please keep Shawn in your prayers and support.


Thank you,

Wayne & Jody Cormier


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