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Thanks from School District Board


  The Frankenmuth School District Board of Education would like to thank the voters of the Frankenmuth School District for their overwhelming support of the millage questions that were approved on November 4.  Your actions will ensure that our students will continue to have one of the best educational experiences in the State of Michigan for years to come.

  This past week, Frankenmuth School District attained a Systems Accreditation by AdvancED, a non-partisan organization that conducts on-site reviews of K-12 schools throughout the nation to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.  This group spent three days observing and learning what is so special about Frankenmuth.  During their wrap-up evaluation session, evaluators went to great lengths to compliment both the school and the community on the high level of commitment to our students.  Your approval of these millage questions is a great example of that commitment.

  The new millage approved on November 4 will be collected starting in December 2015.  This millage was approved for 5 years and will expire in December 2019.  The Board of Education will then make a determination to see what type of levy will be needed going forward, and voters will again have an opportunity to vote on any future sinking fund proposal.  Sinking funds are regulated by State law and can be used only for specific purposes such as the construction or repair of school buildings and facilities; sinking funds cannot be used for the operations of the schools such as paying salaries, purchasing textbooks, or for the funding of transportation, technology, or athletics.

  In the weeks leading up to the vote, there was much information available regarding the projects that the sinking fund would complete.  The Board will now review and prioritize those projects based on urgency, and projects will be completed according to that prioritized list.

  Once again, thank you, voters, for your overwhelming support of our students.  We appreciate your commitment.  GO EAGLES!


Scott A. Zimmer,

Board President

Dear Editor,

  We praise God and his Angel Army for the protection He gave our son, Scott, in the combine/car accident reported last week. We join in thanks with the car driver: she was also surrounded by Angels and returned to her family after the accident was cleared.  Neither driver had a single scratch; this was truly a miracle.  The car and soybean header were totaled.  Our combine has major damage, which we may be able to repair.  Insurance companies can and will replace things, they cannot replace people.  We’re blessed that both drivers in this incident are safe and sound. However, it could have been a very different story with a much more tragic ending.  Surely, God blessed both families.

   We thank God for farm friends who stepped up to assist with harvest.  Heartfelt thanks to Brandon and Dennis Feinauer, who combined our soybeans.  Other neighbors will assist in harvesting corn for our dairy cows.  Many people offered to help in any way they could: we thank you for your generosity.

   Please, be careful when you drive.  Pay complete attention to what you are doing – driving.  Cars go a long way in a matter of seconds.  Don’t drive distracted, don’t multitask.  That song on the radio is okay, cell phones do take messages, precious cargo in the back seat (your kids) won’t kill each other when they fuss.  I‘ve been distracted by these and other things when I drive, too.  In the future, this accident will serve as a testament and reminder that distractions cause accidents.

   Pray for farmers, especially those you follow or pass, on local roads in the days ahead. 2014 has been a soggy agricultural challenge: frequent rains delayed planting in the spring, plant disease flourished in the damp, cool summer, and harvest is slowed by yet more rain𠉪nd snow!  We are working hard to gather the crops, so everyone has plenty to eat.  We’re doing what we love, and the Lord has blessed us all with abundant food this year.


Joanmarie Weiss






(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News