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UPS Rick says goodbye after 30 years in the community


  Seems like just yesterday I ventured into Frankenmuth with the intentions of providing my new customers with the only service I knew how to give, service from the heart.
  Almost 30 years later, I leave this "piece of Heaven" blessed with more friends than any one person could expect to enjoy in a lifetime. We’ve grieved the loss of loved ones together, shared the happiness of our families growing together and more important to me, developed relationships that will be with me forever.
  It was an honor and distinct privilege to be a part of your community for so long. I leave you with this: each day, try and smile and see how many smiles you get back. Do this and more often than not you will know peace.

  Forever in my heart,
  Rick Breidenbach

  P.S. – See you at the Bavarian Festival Parade June 11 when our UPS entry is going to blow you away!



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