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Dear Editor:

  My family and I would like to thank Schaefer & Bierlein Frankenmuth, and especially Greg Hoard, pre-owned vehicle manager, for the loan of their 2017 HellCat Challenger, when we had our son Kyle Hollerback’s senior pictures taken. 
  It was such a surprise and an honor to our son when we took him to Schaefer & Bierlein and told him the plan to use the car in his pictures. It was a young man’s muscle car dream! It was nothing either of his siblings did, so seeing he is our last to graduate, we wanted to do something very special for him. He is not into sports, hunting, and things of this nature, but boy is he into cars. His joy is going to all the car shows in the area every summer with both his brother, Lucas, and sister, Paige.
  Not every day can a person walk into a car dealership and ask an unusual request such as we did. The loan of a $68K car just for senior pictures! And Greg Hoard didn’t blink an eye! He agreed on the spot, asked when we would like to take them and even suggested to take the car to Heritage Park to get better pictures! He even let Kyle sit in the car and rev it up to feel the power of the HellCat engine.
  It was a beautiful day, a magnificent car and a magical memory.

Rich and Teri Hollerback

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