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Frankenmuth News

VOL. 109  No. 47

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NEW DOORS: The Frankenmuth Noon Rotary Club is celebrating its 75th anniversary and among its projects to mark the event was purchasing new glass pedestrian doors for the Harvey Kern Community Pavilion. Above, Steve List, fourth from the left and a member of the club’s Major Projects Committee, gives the keys to Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation Commission Chairman Dan Bade. From the left are some of the members of the club’s Major Projects Committee, including Mike Murphy, Beth Keller, Alan Knoll, List, Bade, Chris Rittmueller and Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation Director Daren Kaschinske. (News photo)

Rotary marks 75th anniversary; Heritage Park benefits

    The Frankenmuth Noon Rotary Club is celebrating its 75th anniversary and the 45-year-old Heritage Park is benefiting from the club’s benevolence.

  The club’s Major Projects Committee recently committed $145,000 in donations, with $115,000 going to assist the Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation Department.

  The committee recently gathered to celebrate the event at the Harvey Kern Community Pavilion. The project breakdown is as follows:

  $75,000 to renovate and widen the Cass River Walkway;

  $25,000 for new glass pedestrian doors at the Kern Pavilion;

  $10,000 for new park signage and benches and;

  $5,000 for the river walkway maintenance fund.

  The Rotary is also donating $10,000 to the Polio Plus program and $15,000 to the Dominican Republic for water filters and hygiene. Rotary champions the eradication of polio and makes clean, potable water accessible in South American countries.

  The Cass River Walk Way work began on Thursday, May 21, and is expected to be completed by mid-June. The riverwalk is closed to the public while it is under construction, for safety’s sake.

  The 0.9 mile riverwalk was constructed in 1994 through a grant from the State of Michigan and funding from the Noon Rotary Club. The project was part of the Rotary celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of Frankenmuth.

  The main focus of the project is repaving the aging asphalt.

  “Twenty years has taken its toll on the riverwalk. A good portion of the walkway has been flooded numerous times, which has shifted soil, causing sink holes, puddles and cracks,” Parks and Recreation Director Daren Kaschinske said. Floods also deposit sediment in the grass on both sides of the riverwalk, causing drainage issues.

  The renovation will solve these issues, making a brand-new, smooth path for walkers, bicyclists, strollers, inline skaters and all types of non-motorized uses.

  Another improvement with this project is that the new walkway will be about one foot wider than the original pathway. Due to the capabilities of the construction equipment, the new pavement will be eight-feet wide, instead of seven feet.

  “Twenty years ago, paving machines were smaller and could pave seven feet wide. Current machines are a minimum of eight feet wide,” Kaschinske pointed out.

  The total cost is approximately $76,000. Bay City-based Pyramid Construction is the contractor.

  “Without Rotary’s support, the city would not be able to do this project . . . we couldn’t afford it,” Kaschinske explained.

  The project will also include more benches and rest areas for users to stop and enjoy views of the Cass River.

  When the Harvey Kern Community Pavilion was open in 2005, the main entrance featured an 18-foot wide overhead door that was rolled up by a chain. The door worked well during nice weather, but really wasn’t effective during cold or inclement weather.

  Vassar Glassworks was the contractor which installed the new glass pedestrian doors. The entire $24,000 cost was paid for by the Noon Rotary Club and the doors made their debut at the Bringin’ Back the 80s Fest in late April.

  “The new doors help control airflow in the building, allowing doors to open and close as people enter or exit the building,” Kaschinske pointed out.

  The pavilion was long in the planning and the Noon Rotary Club spearheaded the drive, with several other civic organizations, businesses and individuals contributing the structure, which cost approximately $2.2 million 10 years ago.

  The Kern Pavilion was primarily intended as a permanent replacement of tents for the festivals during the summer months.

  In the off season, because the building was not heated, the original plan was for a naturally-cooled ice rink in the winter. However, after several years of trials with high operational costs and low participation, the Parks and Recreation Commission chose to look at other options to better use the facility, Kaschinske stated.

  “The commission is now pursuing adding auxiliary heat to the 30,000-square foot building to attract more events in the spring and fall and make better use of the pavilion in the winter months. This door project is the first step in making the building comfortable to use in the colder months,” Kaschinske said.

  The Rotary 75th Anniversary Committee includes Brian McLeod, Mike Murphy, Chris Rittmueller, Jeanna Rogner, Tony D��nna, Beth Keller, Sheila Stamiris, Alan Knoll and Steve List.


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