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The Frankenmuth News

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Vol. 111 No. 7  ~   In our 110th year!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


City Manager finalists are from far and near

  The names of the six finalists for the job of Frankenmuth city manager were released by city officials and the Michigan Municipal League.
  Current City Manager Charlie Graham announced in the spring his intention to retire following 37 years of service to the community. He plans to step down on Friday, September 30, or when the new manager takes over.
  Two of the candidates are familiar. Current Assistant City and Clerk Manager Phil Kerns and Downtown Development Authority Director Sheila Stamiris have submitted resumes.
  The other four include Joshua Eggleston of Durand, Wisconsin; Andrew Johann Potter of Ortonville, Michigan; Annamarie Reno of Saginaw, Michigan and; Lisa M. Von Bargen.
  A total of 23 persons applied for the position. MML Executive Search Recruiter Joyce Parker is leading the search as well as the interview panel, which includes the entire Frankenmuth City Council.
  The six finalists will be interviewed on Wednesday, August 31, beginning at 9am at the Frankenmuth City and Township Governmental Center, 240 West Genesee Street.
  Kerns joined the city in April 1996 as an administrative assistant and in January 1997 he became city clerk and zoning administrator. In 2011, Kerns was promoted to assistant city manager. He is still the clerk and zoning administrator.  Prior to coming here, Kerns was an administrative assistant to the Bridgeport Township manager as well as becoming the zoning, planning and code administrator.
  Stamiris came to Frankenmuth after serving as the executive director for the Bay City Downtown Management Board and Development Authority.  In 2000, Stamiris was hired as the Frankenmuth Downtown Development Authority executive director.
  Eggleston has been with the City of Durand, Wisconsin (population 1,981) since 2013, holding the positions of city administrator, clerk and treasurer. Prior jobs include rural development specialist in Fremont, Ohio and previous to that, village administer for Monroeville, Ohio.
  Potter is currently the downtown development authority executive director and main street manager for the Village of Holly (population 6,300) since 2013. Previously, Potter was the downtown development authority director for the Village of Ortonville.
  Reno became the Richland Township (Michigan) manager in October 2015. Prior to taking that job, Reno served as township clerk and executive officer for Lyon Township, (Michigan) 2002-2015.
  Von Bargen has been the community and economic development director for the City of Valdez, Alaska since May 2001. Prior to that, Von Bargen was the capital facilities director for Valdez.


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